Month: January 2017

4 Simple Tips in Playing Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel is a new free-to-play game on Android and iOS. The game was released in the market a few days ago. It’s a strategy board game, that lets you make your own team of 6 Pokemon characters…

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8 Ball Pool – Rack ‘em up! 15 minute time-wasters for the office

The new year is fully upon us and work has ramped up back to full speed. At some point during the day, we all need a little break. But you’ve already had 3 cups of coffee and you…

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Angry Birds Blast – Blasting Its Way to the Download Charts

The Angry Bird ‘money well’ is nowhere near drying not at least soon. Close to two years since its debut and Angry Birds 2 is still blasting charts with a firm top 100 position relative to grossing apps…

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