Yu-Gi-Oh was one of the most popular Japanese Anime in the late part of the 90’s. Konami is coming up with ‘ Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links‘, which is a virtual reality trading card game, where you get to challenge opponents in real time. It is available both in the Android and the iOS platform. And it […]

Fire Emblem Heroes is a new offering from Nintendo for your smartphone or tablet. It took them a while to get on board with free mobile games, but now it seems like they are giving it their all. While it may not be the famous Mario or Princess Zelda continuing their big break into mobile […]

WWE Champions is the latest mobile game, which has grabbed the attention of all wrestling fans. It has been designed by WWE, along with Scopely. However, it is not a typical WWE game, where you just go and punch your opponents. It is an interest mix of the puzzle genre and the wresting genre. How […]

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