Autobots Roll Out  With so many mobile games released each year, it’s rare to find a game that’s has so much buzz surrounding it, but the new 3D mobile Transformers Forged to Fight game has been getting some buzz, even before the initial release. It seems like the new addition to the 3D action fighting […]

Power Rangers is usually known as the live action television series that involves superhero teenagers. These characters were popularized by their color coded suits and helmets as well as their battles with unusual antagonists. After 23 years since its debut, an upcoming Power Rangers film is about to be released this March 2017. Avid fans […]

RollerCoaster Tycoon will always be a personal favorite of mine. As a kid I would literally spend hours and hours in front of this game, building my own amusement park. It was a way to be creative, and in some senses learning about making a business since you are building your own amusement park. You […]

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