Pokemon Magikarp Jump, a new mobile game available for Android and iOS, came at the right time. The main idea behind this game is that a person takes the role of a trainer, trains their Magikarp to jump high in the air, and then competes with others to see whose Magikarp can leap the highest. […]

Since The Sims launch in 2000, this game has managed to capture the hearts of many individuals worldwide. Perhaps it is due to the game’s virtual reality, which coaxes users to build their own characters and fabricate a life for them. Users are given the opportunity to become enveloped in a virtual world where they […]

Undoubtedly, the Injustice 2 game is the most anticipated game of the year, set to be launched officially later in the month of May, on PS4 and on Xbox. Sure as much, fans, gamers and DC comic lovers have already pre-ordered the various gamer versions that are set to be launched, but in the meantime, […]

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