An In-depth Review of Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Pokemon Magikarp Jump, a new mobile game available for Android and iOS, came at the right time. The main idea behind this game is that a person takes the role of a trainer, trains their Magikarp to jump high in the air, and then competes with others to see whose Magikarp can leap the highest. The loop of this game exposes itself really fast. One keeps their Magikarp in a tank and gives food as it appears. It is all about feeding and nurturing your Magikarp so that it gets the energy to jump higher.

Pokemon Magikarp Jump features unlockable and randomized training regimens where one can watch their Magikarps hit their heads against objects such as trees, a dwebble, or punching bags. This game does not involve any engagement, making it the ideal game for kids. If during training, your Magikarp retires or gets knocked out, you will need to start over with another generation of Magikarp. However, you will not lose all your previous progress—you will start off a little stronger. With this game, you are at liberty to force a non-performing Magikarp into early retirement and get a new one.

As you nurture and train your Magikarp, be on the lookout for Pokemon that need to help you. In most instances, if you come across a Pokemon that is willing to lend a helping hand, you are assured that your Magikarp will get nourished if you allow them. If you perform well in jumping tournaments, this game allows you to take photos of your achievement. Not to forget, Magikarp’s in-app purchases allow you to add more food stock, speed up training, and even catch more Magikarps. And if you will need to customize your Magikarp’s habitat, in-app purchases allows you to purchase décor.

If you lose a competition in Pokemon Magikarp Jump, you will have to wait for more than hour before giving it a go again. The good part is that losing is a rare occurrence and training does not stop if you lose—you just have to train and join the competition when time comes.


· There are concrete aims and rewards to work for as you level up

· Ads and coins rarely dole out

· There are a lot of things to collect and upgrade.

· It pokes fun at Magikarp, making it easy to train.


· Gameplay interaction is very limited

· The risk of accomplishing random events is too high.


Although it lacks gameplay interaction, Pokemon Magikarp Jump is a game worth trying. There are plenty of things you can work for as you level up.

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