Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm Game Review

Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm is a music tap game and with a star rating on google of 4.2/5, it has been commented on as addictive. Described as easy to learn yet hard to master, it is a game where you tap the beat of the song and depending on your skill level, you are presented with challenges which allow you to collect music monsters and more as you progress.


Who is this game for?

Geared towards the younger generation of ripped jean fashions, the first step to get the game started is to create a character that you can design with a choice of costume options. The idea is that you are a party animal who adores dancing and listening to music. To guide you through the various levels is a trendy female character who points out what you are to do next.

Tapping the monsters

The notes you tap are small monsters and as you tap them, they provide you with your scores. The backdrop to the game is filled with neon and once you tap ‘play song’ you enter the real game. The four buttons you will be tapping, holding and sliding on are party colored with such colors as turquoise, lavender, hot pink and aqua. The layout of the buttons is reminiscent of playing the piano. Hitting the ‘boost’ button multiplies your points.

Wear your best headphones

It is strongly advisable to wear headphones. They have input an option that if you tap that you like a song, you can connect to Spotify to hear the real version. To gain points it is all about hitting the correct notes and on missing a note, you will hear a loud buzzing sound letting you know you made a blunder. Of the songs, you only get between 1 to 2 minutes and as pop songs are so repetitive, it doesn’t have an impact on the overall game experience. Some of the pop songs used come from Pitbull and Zayn Malik, Galantis and Fitz and The Tantrums to name just a few.

Yo! You can go social

There is a social side to this game as you can connect with other music fans from all over the world. There is a global leader board available and you can play with LIVE real-time instead of player mode. You do have the choice to play alone, compete against others or join a crew(s) of your choosing. There are options for classical lovers, electro & house as well as rock & Latin lovers.

Pros and Cons

This game requires Android and has in app products available priced from $.99 right up to $99. Created by developers in San Francisco, it is getting a lot of favorable reviews. Many see it as a fun gaming option but the frustrating comment that is regularly repeated is the amount of time it takes to recharge the game. The prizes are also a little confusing to some as it isn’t clear on what they do. Downloading is another issue as some users have found the game doesn’t load fully. Despite the criticisms, the core of the game is loved by all.

The Final Word

To be honest I think the game has huge merits. It really would uplift you if you were experiencing a boring day! While it is directed at the ripped jeans generation, I don’t think they should have all the fun. This game is definitely a good choice even if there is more tweaking to be done on the developer’s side.

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