CSR Racing 2 Review – How To Win All Races

csr-racing-2In a nutshell, CSR Racing 2 is developed by NaturalMotion and is available for Android and iOS devices. Being the second version of CSR Racing, the new version borrows a lot of features from the initial release. Just like its predecessor, it requires you to own supercars and use them to compete with other players in breathtaking races. Read on to see how you can win all races and become a hero of CSR Racing 2.

Tune Your Cars as You Level Up
The aim of revamping your cars is to improve their performances, and you can do this using EVO Points or other earnings. At level 2 and 3, you can tune the nitrous and tires respectively. The transmission is tuned better at level 4, so be keen to do the necessary improvements at this level. It is also possible to do other improvements, and you just need to know when it is possible to do them.

Customize Your Cars
While there are many reasons to customize your cars, the main reason is to help you win races in Custom Trials. It pays off to win races in Custom Trials: there are many awesome rewards for the winner! You can customize your cars with the game’s currency, bonuses or even rewards.

Form or Join a Racing Crew
When you form or join a crew, you stand a good chance to unlock “Boosts & Content” which can really help you win many races. This task can also win you Respect Points and help you meet other goals.

Participate in Non-Storyline Races
These races come with a myriad of rewards that you can use to tune, customize and upgrade your cars and win many races. One race is Daily Battles which you can use loaner cars and earn gold, freebies & cash when you win races. Another race is Prestige Cup which comes with gold and Respect Points. You can also participate in Restriction Trials which can earn you fusion parts and upgrades. In addition, you can participate in Supply Cup and win great rewards, including the premium currency.

Try the Boss Races
These races are demanding, but they come with rewards that can help you win a good number of races. To participate in them, you need to get a good car and fit it with powerful parts. You also need to tune your car and equip it with the most efficient fusion parts. Boss Races appear in Stage 4.

Watch Videos, Open Crates and Go Social!
You earn extra cash and fusion parts when you watch videos that are provided by the game. Opening free crates will earn you free pips while connecting your game to social channels like facebook will allow you borrow cars, parts, points and other valuables from your friends.

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