Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: A Big Upgrade in the Anime Games Universe

Congratulations to all DBZ die-hard fans! Finally there is a game that encompasses the full potential of the DBZ universe. Available on XBOX ONE, Playstation 4 and PC’s, the newly launched Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 may still have that new-car smell but it has become pretty obvious that the game will be a front-runner amongst its anime-game peers.

The progressiveness of the game’s concept can be seen in its 3D-style arena brawling and its long-term play. Each new role-playing character is able to enter the DBZ universe and grow in power over time, mimicking the journey of the greatest heroes within the franchise. The power building expedition of each character offers you long-term fun and a broader experience that covers all the well-loved DBZ gems. However, if you are looking for some big battles right off the bat – then the arena is the place for you.

There are obviously other highlights in the game that every superfan will be thirsting after. These include collecting all 7 Dragon Balls, becoming a Super Saiyan and being able to execute complicated combos.

Accumulating the 7 Dragon Balls

Collecting all 7 Dragon Balls allows you to summon Shenron the all-powerful dragon, who will then grant you one wish. There are 11 wishes in total. Some examples of them are: ‘I want money’, ‘I want a rare item’, ‘I want a new Ultimate Attack’ and even ‘I want to be drop dead gorgeous’.

Super Saiyan Time

Becoming a golden-haired Super Saiyan is probably every player’s ultimate goal. Once you have become a Saiyan, get up to level 40. Once there, the game will automatically prompt you down a path that will eventually lead you to a Super Saiyan fight with Goku and Vegeta.


With each level-up that your character attains, the combos that can be executed will be increasingly complicated and far more powerful. Unlike the original DBX, the execution of combos in DBX2 is a little more complicated – giving the player the actual feel of creating a combo. However, the payoff is a graphic wonderland that shows the strength in impact of each combo.

Ultimately, these components in the game are only truly fun to play due to the big upgrade in UI, overall graphics and gameplay from its predecessor. Game designers have also made the long-term game far more fascinating by making the map 7 times bigger than in the original DBX. Each character also has their set of special abilities. There are also more stores available throughout the game to allow for each individual player to tailor their character’s look, equipment and battle skills. With this attention to detail and a dedication to making each player’s experience as unique and fun as possible, DBX2 has definitely blown the original right out of the water.

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