Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Review

This is an anime fighter series video game that has an interesting storyline with engaging energy fights. Dragon Ball Z takes a different lead from the subsequent spin-offs from the Bandai Namco Entertainment. With some few card games and RPGs under its belt; the Dokkan Battle is undoubtedly a new development into the nonbrawler spin-off title. Dragon Ball Z is more of an adventure game and is a little bit far from innovative. That said, it, however, delivers a thrilling game play to a performing franchise.


In the free Dragon-Ball Z game, you can play as an anonymous fighter trying to avert the expanding dimensional distortion. The game also features King Kai and Trunks that directs you on your quest while forwarding the game plot & offering relevant battle advice. From here henceforth, the game play turns a little bit complicated. The story line also gets convoluted especially when the Z-fighters are battling against each other.

The battle style featured in the game is a combination of the board game, tapping game, and card collector. With the randomized rolls and a slight variation on the color-matching; the game will propel the player’s team giving more advanced features such as in-app purchases. The players will also encounter other fights, traps, and collectible items.

Game play

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is available for the Android and iOS devices. As a player, you are expected to find out the cause of the problem affecting the DBZ world. The task is actually to build a battle deck that is comprised of cards- based off different Dragon-Ball Z characters. The battle deck will be used in enemy encounters throughout the game.

The instance you face an opponent, you are placed in the match-3 tiles. Here, the colors of the balls appearing on your screen represent one out of 5 ‘ki’ that each of the characters in the team has an affinity on. In every round, you cycle off from the team of 7 characters as you face off the enemies. The game fully capitalizes on a number of characters the DBZ franchise has to offer. The game’s system is rare such that; the Normal is the most common while the SSR is the highest.


The game doesn’t provide much in terms of interacting with the other players, however; the other players have been added as the support members in your team. The game has also been designed such that you can interact with the other players in the World Martial Arts- a tournament where you are allowed to pit yourself against the player’s deck for some time. The game is generally promising. The match 3 game system is surprisingly challenging and most importantly a good form of entertainment.

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