Fallout Shelter Hack

Select the platform that you use (Android support coming soon). Input desired amount of Lunch box, Food, Water, or Power in the fields. Enter your game center ID then click the Start button to begin.

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About Our Fallout Shelter Hack Tool

Fallout Shelter is a great little mobile game that you can play while waiting for the release of Fallout 4. There are three types of resources in the game; basically the FOOD, WATER, and POWER. Clean water is hard to come by in the Wasteland. Run low on WATER and your Dwellers will take Radiation damage. Your Vault can't run without POWER. Run low on POWER and your rooms will begin shutting down. Lunch boxes on the other hand are the premium currency of the game. They are full of valuable stuff. The in-your-face excitement of a lunchbox loaded of surprise items, and the instant advantage they provide, is almost fascinating enough to feel good about spending real money on the game. If anyone of you is not willing to spend money for purchasing these currencies then we got a solution for you in free Lunch box for this game. To get resources using our site, you only have to input your game center email ID, enter how many resources you desire to add into your account then click the 'Start' button to begin. Our online generator will connect through Anti-Trackā„¢ technology to the system and will generate the requested value to your account.

Note: Only 1x hack is recommended per account in 24 hours to prevent abuse.

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