FIFA Mobile 18 Soccer – A New Update

EA Sports recently launched FIFA Mobile 18 Soccer with the intention of presenting this awesome game to the smartphone and tablet users across the globe thus enabling the gaming buffs to have access to their favorite players, stadiums as well as kits.


One can easily access over 30 leagues, 18,000 soccer players, and 650 teams while playing this game. You may likewise build even bigger clubs along with additional controls and other incentives thanks to the 100% mobile version of the game.
An inventive Attack Mode is included in the new mobile version. This innovative feature allows for playing this game at a lightning fast pace which every single soccer enthusiast will dream of experiencing. You will be able to concentrate on the different aspects of FIFA Mobile Soccer game including scoring goals while the most powerful player is going to win the match for his team.
You can easily plug into real-time football matches along with the latest scores from across the world thanks to the revolutionary Live Events feature. On top of this, you can also interact with your buddies plus other fans while playing this game apart from competing with other internationally reputed clubs thus building your rank on the leaderboard.
Almost any smartphone or tablet user can play the game with absolute ease and, consequently, FIFA Mobile Soccer has gained such popularity worldwide. You can play the game according to your own convenient time and also while traveling.
In fact, the mobile version has received almost the same elements of the game although compressed into a much compact size. FIFA Mobile Soccer is able to run on smartphones with reduced graphics capabilities as compared to FIFA 16. Gameplay is possible even in the absence of WIFI given that it downloads at speeds below 100 MB.
While the controls are not identical to that of FIFA 16, you will find plenty of creativity when it comes to the touch actions. The FIFA buffs might not like it since they had been familiar with more instinctive controls.
Similar to the other well-known EA games on the market the game includes valid licenses for the player names, badges along with the kits. You will find this game to be more realistic since the ratings of the players are updated on a regular basis.
FIFA Mobile Soccer has also the ability to support multiple languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Turkish as well as Russian.


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