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About FIFA Mobile Soccer

EA Sports is a reputable developer of great football games. FIFA Mobile 2018 is coming in November 2017 as a brand new season of with new modes along with new features. EA will update the entire Player database with current entries from the football world when the new season of FIFA Mobile is launched. You can also expect some changes to your current FIFA Mobile account. Among these changes is including the carryover to the new season of your current in-game assets:

Here are some things that will be reset in FIFA Mobile 2018:

  • Your token inventories and coin balances
  • Your entire team, including all its players
  • Plans, Achievement, VS Attack, and all other progression
  • Here are some things that will not be reset in the new FIFA Mobile installment:

  • Your League (except your league achievements and your league progress that will be reset)
  • Your FIFA Point balance
  • Unlocked User Logos: User Profile will reflect your final records and progress in the current FIFA Mobile season, being converted to a Legacy Profile.
  • What you will receive to start the new FIFA Mobile season:

    When the new season is started players will receive a reward that is based on their final Team OVR. The new reward will include FIFA Players, Points, and Packs that aims to give players a head start in the new FIFA season. The reward will be better if your Team OVR is higher.

    EA Sports announced that there will no longer be annual FIFA series releases on mobile devices. Instead of that, the developer has opted started this September for a single continuously updated application. That means that, in fact, FIFA Mobile 2018 is simply called EA Sports FIFA.

    The free to play game will provide gamers a new download update each year. This annual update will come with new features and rosters. Every six to eight weeks the developer will also provide more regular and smaller updates based on user feedback and requests.

    According to EA Sports, players will benefit by holding onto from one season to the next on their acquired items as well as by not having to download every year a new app. This way is also easier for the developer to engage each year with its users, since FIFA on mobile will become a "live service". Events linked to the real game will happen on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. The app will use the "Gen 3" engine, allowing for features only previously seen on console, including smarter intelligence for attacking and defending, more realistic visuals with players looking authentic, and post-goal player celebrations.