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    Real reviews from our users!

    Got 99999 Coins and Gems in no time! It WORKS flawlessly. =)

    Jacob Neil

    I was really skeptical at first, but I was shocked when I actually received the Coins in my account. Thanks!

    Lauren Young

    I'm a huge Yu Gi Oh fan and I've been hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, getting Coins takes forever but I got them here instantly!




    About Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

    Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links! The 2000´s fever is back!

    The 2000´s generation has not forgotten yet the battles and the charism of Yu-Gi-Oh! characters at their duels of cards or the TV show that had fascinated the children during a long time. Now, it has come back, in the cards duel game with the download available for Android or IOS and it is a bet for you and your friends to play one classic game and show who is the best at the arenas, after the improvement of your skills.

    You can choose your favorite character and can set the duel list even if the opponent is one of the top ranking duelists, since it´s on your level ranking, playing against the machine or choosing to play against another person. To become better at your skills and get better cards you must duel with the Legendary Duelists. The set arrangement of the game allows that even the ones who are not so familiar with this kind of play have facilities trying it. That may be the answer to its successful number of downloads after other animes were converted to games in different models.

    The reduced number of points and the initial restricted number of characters also make the play faster and excellent to use at mobiles, since it is lighter and less complex to play. It´s possible to have duels not only against the computer, but bring it to "person to person" battles in the arenas too. It gives an excitement challenge for those who want to try different kinds of skills. Despite it only offers initial four cards, it can not be considered exactly a trouble, because for the intention of having an easy and compact mode, needed for mobile, it seems to be perfect.

    The player can unlock new cards, new skills and scenes as the game levels up and the characters appears with new potentials at the beginning of new duels. It happens when you choose the right cards and duels against the Legendary Duelists. You can also buy packs that give you extra cards and special ones.

    It usually takes only few minutes to end a duel, even if you defy some friend or unknown person for a battle in the arenas. So, it´s an easy and fast game to spend some time and get a little bit of fun. With the fever of Yu-Gi-Oh returning there are already millions of tips about how to improve your cards and skills, like:

  • Try the Rank Duels, available since the sixth level
  • Focus on the simplest and faster tracks
  • Use monsters that gives you extra points
  • Read the tips of better ranking cards and its powers

  • Now that you´ve already know the details, what are you waiting for? Are you gonna talk or are you gonna duel?!

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