Shadowgun Legends Mobile Game Review


Shadowgun Legends is a unique mobile game where players fight for their survival in an ever hostile environment. The game was developed by Madfinger Games, who are known for their Unkilled and Dead Trigger series. Players become Shadowguns warriors after they have managed to eliminate alien hostiles in a vast ever persistent world.

Humanity is likely to become extinct, slaughtered and tormented by aliens in Shadowgun. Play as an equipped soldier who can access an arsenal of weapons. Get better weapons, customizable options and armor pieces as you continue playing the game. Complete missions and quests in a hostile world, working as a team or individually. Fight as a Shadowgun in stages, loot and attack far away planets, and gain credits that you will spend later in the game. Fight different enemies, from giants to grunts, to save humanity from extinction.

Key Features of the Shadowgun Legends Mobile Game

  • Vast Persistent World – Explore a hostile world with many players online.
  • Lots of Content – Players will have many missions and quests to complete.
  • Extensive Gear- Craft, buy, loot and obtain numerous guns as gifts after you have conquered your enemies.
  • Take on Different Enemies- Take on enormous bosses to grunts that vary in both size and strength.
  • Attack Different Planets – Travel to planets that are far away to attack and loot from your enemies.


  • The presence of a mostly hostile world makes the game more enjoyable
  • Players can access weapons to help them to eliminate their enemies.
  • There are many missions/ quests that players can complete.

Final Verdict

The first shadowgun legends game was released in 2011, but it had various technical hitches that
hindered its efficiency. The new version that has been released will solve all the problems of the initial game. The new game will be peculiar because of its persistent world feature and various looting opportunities that will be
available. Players can either form teams or play as individuals in the new version of the game. They will go through hundreds of quests and missions.

Players can customize the weapons to suit their needs. The game will present excellent
visuals to make sure that they enhance the experience of players participating in the game. Shadowgun is a feature-packed and complete mobile game that remains unmatched in the market. It will ferry fans into a hostile environment where they will meet experienced shadowguns to oust them.

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